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About the Adoption Search Reunion website

Who is it for?

This website provides information for adopted people, birth relatives and also adoptive parents in England and Wales.It also provides information for agencies, professionals and volunteers who provide services for adopted people and their birth and adoptive relatives. The information available on this website applies to adoptions that were made before the 30th December 2005.

Does the website cover the whole of the UK?

Different parts of the website are relevant to different areas within the UK and some will also be of wider interest.

  • Locating adoption records database - this includes details about records held across the UK, and in Eire
  • Finding an agency to help you database - the agencies included in the database are primarly based in England and Wales, although some do offer services across the UK
  • Advice on searching and contact - this section offers some general advice which would apply to anyone thinking about searching or making contact with birth relatives, as well as some specific advice on the new rights for people who do not want to be contacted, which have recently been introduced in England and Wales
  • Professionals - the majority of the material in the section for professionals is related to the introduction of the Adoption and Children Act 2002 and is therefore most relevant for adoption practitioners in England and Wales
  • Recommended reading and useful websites - the suggested reading and links to other websites would be relevant to anyone interested in making contact with birth relatives
Why was it developed?

The website was developed to provide information about the new Adoption and Children Act 2002 which came into effect on 30th December 2005. The Adoption and Children Act 2002 has brought in some major changes and has overhauled previous adoption legislation. It has particularly brought in some new provisions for birth relatives of adopted adults and this website aims to inform about them.

Who has developed the website?

The Adoption Search Reunion website was developed by the British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF) in collaboration with Parity, a leading IT solutions company. BAAF would like to thank Parity for their help and support but also to the Project Team at BAAF: Julia Feast, Katrina Wilson, Gill Clark, Reem Shelhi, Jon Hawke, Dawn Steele, John Simmonds, Danielle Sawyer, Rose Durey and Deborah Cullen. We would also like to thank the Project’s Advisory Group and the DFES for the funding of this project.

How was it funded?

The British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF) was awarded a grant by the Department for Education and Skills for this project. The grant covers provisions in both England and Wales.

Who has ownership of the website?

The Department for Education and Skills formally handed ownership of the website to the British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF) at the official website launch held at the House of Commons on 22nd May 2006. BAAF must now raise enough money to pay for ongoing hosting of the website, make sure that the information is kept up-to-date, and plan for future developments to the site. You can help us to do this important work by making a donation.

What plans are there for future development of the website?

The potential for the Adoption Search Reunion website is huge and with further resources it could help many more of the thousands of people who have been affected by adoption. If we are able to obtain more funding the website could be developed further to include:

  • More information about the different legislative frameworks that exist in Scotland and Northern Ireland, about the resources that are available in Scotland and Northern Ireland and how support services can be accessed.
  • A section for young adopted people, particularly those who have been adopted from the care system, which would provide young people with information tailored to their needs and presented in an accessible format.
  • A section devoted specifically to the particular set of issues faced by transracially adopted people would be added. This would include information, guidance and links to appropriate organisations.
  • More guidance on the legislative framework governing access to court records.

You can help us to make progress with this important work by making a donation.

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