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Recommended reading for adoptive parents

Argent, H with Cairns, K (2004) Related by Adoption: A handbook for Grandparents and Other Relatives.
BAAF. ISBN 1903699398
This ‘warm and practical’ handbook gives grandparents-to-be and other relatives information about adoption today that directly affects them. It discusses how the wider family can support building a family through adoption. Further details and ordering options can be found on the BAAF website

Clapton, G (2003) Relatively Unkown: A Year in the Life of the Adoption Contact Register for Scotland.
Scotland Family Care. ISBN 0950811769
This is a collection of over sixty first-hand accounts from those who have used the Register.  Useful for everyone affected by adoption and by all those who work with them.

Clark, G (2008) The Role of Mother and Baby Homes in the Adoption of Children Born Outside Marriage in Twentieth-Centry England and Wales
Family & Community History 11(1), May 2008, pp.45-59

A fascinating article considering the role of mother and baby homes in providing unmarried pregnant girls with accommodation and support while making decisions about their future, and proposing that the unforgiving attitude of families and rejection of the girls by the community influenced decisions to place children for adoption.


Harris, P (2006) In Search of Belonging: Reflections of Transracially Adopted People.
BAAF. ISBN 1903699770
A substantial anthology giving voice to the experience of transracial adoption in the UK through poetry, art, autobiography, memoir and oral testimony from over 50 adoptees. Further details and ordering options can be found on the BAAF website


Douglas, A and Philpot, T (2002) Adoption: Changing Families, Changing Times.
Routledge. ISBN 0415256852
This book draws together contributions from all those with an interest in adoption: adopted people; birth parents and adoptive parents; practitioners and managers in the statutory and voluntary sectors; academics and policy makers.

Hollway, S (Editor) (2005) Family Wanted: Adoption Stories 
Granta Books.  ISBN 1862077533
A powerful collection of pieces by writers on adoption, from all three sides of the issue: writers who are adopted, those who have given up children for adoption and those who have adopted.  

Howe, D (1996) Adopters on Adoption.
BAAF.  ISBN 1873868324
Personal stories from adoptive parents starting with initial thought about adoption through to supporting adopted children in adulthood. Further details and ordering options can be found on the BAAF website


Lord, J (2008) Adopting a Child: A Guide for People Interested in Adoption, 8th edition.
BAAF. ISBN 9781905664566
BAAF’s best-selling guide describes to what adoption means and how to go about it, including a list of agencies around the UK that you can approach for more information and suggestions for further reading. Further details and ordering options can be found on the BAAF website


Melina, L (2001) Raising Adopted Children.
Harper Collins. ISBN 0060957174.
Offers parents practical advice about raising an adopted child and covers current issues such as prenatal drug exposure and transracial adoption.


Morris, A (1999) The Adoption Experience: Families who Give Children a Second Chance.
Jessica Kingsley Publishers in association with the Daily Telegraph, for Adoption UK. ISBN 1853027839
Adopters writing about every part of the adoption process, from first deciding to adopt to feelings about children seeking a reunion with their natural families or leaving home.


Salter, A N (2006) The Adopter’s Handbook: Resources and Services for Adoptive Parents..
BAAF. ISBN 9781903699928
Guide to help adopters help themselves through the adoption process and beyond. Topics covered include processes, legal issues, education and health, needs of the child, emotional needs of the parent and post-adoption support and finances. Further details and ordering options can be found on the BAAF website

Trinder, L, Feast, J and Howe, D (2004) The Adoption Reunion Handbook.
John Wiley and Sons Ltd. ISBN 0470094222
This comprehensive and practical 'how to' guide is essential for everyone involved in adoption, especially those considering searching for information on their birth relatives. It is based on a large-scale research study and draws on real-life experiences of reunions.

Van Gulden, H and Bartels-Rabb, L M (1995) Real Parents, Real Children: Parenting the adopted child.

Crossroads Publishing Co. (USA). ISBN 0824515145

‘Are they real brothers and sisters?’, ‘Do you know who your real mum is?’ Contrary to the pejorative way many people use the term ‘real’, adoptive parents and their adopted children are each other’s real family. Making that family work and nurturing all of its members to be healthy individuals in rewarding relationships with one another is what this book is all about.

Verrier, N (2010) Coming Home to Self: Healing the primal wound.
BAAF. ISBN 9781905664818
From understanding basic trauma and the neurological consequences of trauma, to step-by-step ways to heal that trauma, this book is written with adopted adults in mind, but is relevant to all those involved in adoption. Further details and ordering options can be found on the BAAF website.

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