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Search and reunion research findings

Clark, G (2008) The role of mother and baby homes in the adoption of children born outside marriage in Twentieth-Centry England and Wales
Family & Community History 11(1), May 2008, pp.45-59
A fascinating article considering the role of mother and baby homes in providing unmarried pregnant girls with accommodation and support while making decisions about their future, and proposing that the unforgiving attitude of families and rejection of the girls by the community influenced decisions to place children for adoption.

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Feast J and  Grant M, Rushton A and Simmonds J, with Sampeys C (2013) Adversity, Adoption and Afterwards: A Mid-Life Follow-Up Study of Women Adopted from Hong Kong
BAAF. ISBN 9781907585647
This unique study explores the long-term outcomes for a group of girls, now women in middle age, adopted from orphanages in Hong Kong, by families in the UK. The study offers a rare opportunity to explore the impact of adverse early experience, modified by adoption in creating opportunities and risks, over 50 years. The book presents the main findings of the study, combining an in-depth analysis of some of the key outcomes with a qualitative analysis of face-to-face interviews with the women. These interviews provide evocative and compelling stories of different aspects of their lives. This study will be of interest to a wide range of readers internationally, both academic and professional, and also to those interested in and affected by adoption.
See more information about the book on the CoramBAAF website.
Read an 8-page summary of the research findings.

Feast, J and Philpot, T (2003) Searching questions: identity, origins and adoption
BAAF. ISBN 1903699479
A book and video based on a unique study about what motivates some adopted people to search or not. They highlight the issues involved and provide a greater understanding of the complexities and feelings that may be encountered on the way. Users will gain an insight into what it is like growing up adopted and an understanding of the lifelong issues for all concerned.
See more information about the book on the BAAF website.

Howe, D and Feast, J with Coster, D (2003) Adoption, search and reunion: the long-term experience of adopted adults
BAAF. ISBN 1903699533
A fascinating study originally published by The Children's Society (2000) and now been reprinted by BAAF with a new introduction. Compares a group of adopted people who searched for birth relatives with a group who did not, and provides real answers about why some adopted adults decide to search for their natural parents while others do not.
See more information about this book on the BAAF website.
Read a 6-page summary of the research findings.

Howe, D, Sawbridge, P and Hinings, D (1992) Half a million women: mothers who lose their children by adoption
Penguin. ISBN 0140154159
A study focusing on adoption from the point of view of the birth mother and exploring the attitudes of society, the legal position and medical and psychological aspects.
Order the book from the Post Adoption Centre.

Kirton, D, Feast, J and Howe, D Searching, reunion and transracial adoption 
Adoption & Fostering 24(3), Autumn 2000, pp.6-18
Reports on the findings from qualitative interviews with transracially adopted adults, which shows that for many transracially adopted people, issues of racial and ethnic identity figured prominently within motivation for searching and that they almost invariably feel that they have gained from searching and/or reunion.
See full text of the article through Social Care Online.

McMillan, R and Irving, G (1997) Heart of reunion: some experiences of reunion in Scotland
Barnardo's. ISBN 0902046403
A study describing the expectation and experiences of 45 Scottish adoptees who were reunited with their birth families.
See more information about this book on the Barnardo's website.

Triseliotis, J, Feast, J and Kyle, F (2005) The adoption triangle revisited: a study of adoption, search and reunion experiences 
BAAF. ISBN 1903699711
The first UK study to investigate the experiences of both birth mothers who initiated a search for the child that they placed for adoption and birth mothers who have not searched, but were contacted by the adopted person. Gives a comprehensive picture of the adoption experience and the impact and outcome of the search and reunion process for all the key players: birth mothers, adopted people and adoptive parents.
See more information about this book on the BAAF website.
Read a 6-page summary of the research findings.

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