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This website is intended to be the first port of call for anyone thinking about searching for or making contact with birth and adopted relatives or researching an adoption that took place in the UK.  Here you can:

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    Latest News
    New Regulations Extend Provision of Intermediary Services - 9/11/15

    On 10th November 2015 new regulations come into force to extend the provision of intermediary services to facilitate contact between ‘persons with a prescribed relationship’ and the birth relatives of a person adopted before 30th December 2005.

    Update - AAA-NORCAP Contact Register - 22/10/15
    When AAA-NORCAP went into administration in Feb 2013, BAAF became Guardians of the electronic data held on the NORCAP Contact Register (NCR). Following the sudden closure of BAAF on 31st July 2015 the NCR is now in the hands of the Administrators (Smith and Williamson) who are now responsible for making a decision about the NCR’s future.

    NORCAP Contact Register 
    The NORCAP Contact Register closed when AAA-NORCAP went into administration in January 2013. BAAF's Administrators are currently holding the electronic data from the register until further decisions can be made.
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    Locate adoption records
    Use the Locating Adoption Records database to find out where adoption records are held.

    Find an agency to help you
    Search the list of support agencies to find a service in your area.

    Please note: As of 30th December 2005 all agencies providing intermediary services must be registered with Ofsted.

    Contact not wanted?
     If you are a birth parent who does not want to have contact with your adopted children visit the Contact not wanted? page.

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