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Adopted adults anthology: Call for submissions from under-represented voices - 17/6/10
If you are an adopted adult and woul like to write about your experience of adoption, please read this call for submissions for an anthology of adopted people's experiences, which is being edited by Perlita Harris and Chris Atkins and will be published by BAAF.
If you fall into one of the categories below and would like to contribute a piece of writing or poetry to the anthology the editors would be very happy to hear from you:
  • people who were adopted within their extended birth family (rather than by strangers)
  • people who were adopted at an older age after being in residential or foster care
  • people who were adopted as part of a sibling group from the care system
  • transnationally adopted adults who were born in Vietnam
  • transnationally adopted adults who were born in Korea
  • transnationally adopted adults who were born in Romania
  • adopted adults who are also a birth mother or father i.e. their child/ren has been adopted
  • adopted people in their 70s and 80s
  • people who have become a parent through adoption
  • writing by gay men, bisexual and transgender adopted people
  • disabled adopted people e.g. those who were considered disabled at the time of their adoption
  • adopted people who have not searched for their birth family and do not wish to

Please contact Perlita Harris at by 7th July 2010 if you have any questions or would like to submit a contribution.

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