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Update - AAA-NORCAP Contact Register - 22/10/15
When AAA-NORCAP went into administration in Feb 2013, BAAF became Guardians of the electronic data held on the NORCAP Contact Register (NCR). Following the sudden closure of BAAF on 31st July 2015 the NCR is now in the hands of the Administrators (Smith and Williamson) who are now responsible for making a decision about the NCR’s future.

The electronic NCR that is now with Smith & Williamson holds a list of approximately 60,000 names and addresses, but the data was not in a format that allowed accurate confirmation that a person had registered or that a match or contact had been made. Prior to going into administration, BAAF was actively exploring with Department of Education, Ofsted, the Information Commissioner’s Office and the General Registrar’s Office if and how we could get the NCR data into a viable format and obtain the resources to do this. Unfortunately due to BAAF’s demise we were unable to complete this important work.

We advise anyone who was registered with NORCAP to instead register themselves on the Government's Adoption Contact Register if they haven't already done so. You can find out more about the situation regarding the NORCAP Contact Register (NCR) on the CoramBAAF website.

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